martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Students World Go Oza 2011 has started

This February 28th, has started the Students World Go Oza Championship in Japan. In this tournament play the top 16 universitary players in a 4 round swiss tournament.
Avelio Sepúlveda is one of the players playing for América so we really wish him to have the best luck in his first round game against the Universitary Oza Champion of Japan.
The players that are participating in this tournament are:

Zhang Yue USA M
Zhao Wei CHina M
Yang Po-chun Chinese taipei M
Ham Yougwoo Korea M
Jimmy Yuan New Zealand M
Jan Simara República Checa M (2516 EGD)
Avelio Sepúlveda Chile M
Mitic Nicola Serbia M (2512 EGD)
Xiang Zhang Singapore M
Wang Zhuo China F
Pan Ning China taipei F
Song Yeseui Korea F
Arundina Miranti Indonesia F
Dubiel Marika Poland F (2010 EGD)

The first 2 rounds will be played the 28th, so we hope to have some results soon.
In this tournament 8 players had been seeded for the first round, so every player of occident will play against an asian player.
We hope that Avelio make a sensation in this tournament and have the best results posible.
Best Luck

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